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Posing the theory that people will believe in anything, Charles and Hawkeye start a rumor that Marilyn Monroe plans to visit the th, which gets everyone excited. Hot Lips and Frank try to convince Potter that Paik is a spy. During the night he and Trapper play Dracula, and siphon off a pint of Frank's blood. The soldier then contracts hepatitis, so they have to test Frank without him knowing, and have to keep him away from Margaret and the patients. When Hot Lips discovers what has happened, she breaks down and refuses to press charges.

At the same time, a special Sunday brunch is due to be served, following the donation of some eggs to the camp by a grateful farmer. As the nation waits in suspense for the final episode of the Line of Duty, actor Martin Compston has thrown us another curveball. Margaret, calling from Tokyo, red hat linux 9.0 holds the camp in suspense until she returns with the news of her engagement to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott. Nearly all of the action in this innovative episode is compressed into the program's minute running time. She also appeared in non-speaking roles in other episodes.

In this episode Henry's wife is called Mildred, although at most times she is Lorraine, and Potter's wife will be called Mildred. Sidney, Zale The th, caught up in tension and nerves, creates a bonfire to release their pressure. The only act I can think of that would be madder would be to break them up. Igor, Kellye, Goldman Winchester infuriates the camp when he hoards his stateside newspapers, and Hawkeye reunites two Korean brothers who have been fighting on opposite sides of the war.

Flagg After hearing that North Korean prisoners have been released in the area, everyone is upset when Margaret disappears. Hawkeye and Trapper trick them both into thinking that Burns is a traitor - one thinks he's a fascist, the other thinks he's a communist. Working closely together under heavy fire and unsanitary medical conditions, the three return to camp with new found respect for one another. An additional irritant to Hawkeye is the arrival of Dr. Kellye With the possibility of contaminated morphine, the doctors at the th administer placebos to the patients, which seems to work.

So when unusual events start to occur, he assumes they are for his benefit. The people here are mad, quite mad, all of them. Radar is taken by a new nurse at the camp and she is into poetry and music, so they coach him. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy is worried about the impending visit of a Cardinal.

When the wounded start pouring in again, their own side shells the camp, hitting the generator, and Radar tries to get through to someone to stop the shelling. Aloukik Astanay - Sunirmal Basu. Maybe he'll know better next time. Igor The number of arriving wounded has increased because of a careless Colonel Lacy.

Zale, Igor Following an offer of promotion made by Master Sergeant Woodruff at a poker game, Radar is promoted to the rank of lieutenant. But, thinking there could be a medal in it for him, Frank has also put a report together, with copies of all the evidence, including shell fragments, so the army comes clean. Colonel Potter's mare, Sophie, mysteriously disappears from her corral, and Hawkeye and B.

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Hammond, Ginger After black marketers hijack the th's supply of hydrocortisone, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with a local black marketer, Charlie Lee, to get some more. Prof Shonku Byomjatrir Diary. Sports Illustrated treats this information with care and respect. The Judge Advocate, Colonel Carmichael, tries the case.

Sunday suspense all new episodes free download

Margie, Clayton The army, at General Clayton's request, make a documentary about the th. Trapper loses a patient who developed complications during the O.

Ghar - Syed Mustafa Siraj. Rizzo, Igor, Goldman Hawkeye is overcome by the devotion of a terminally ill G. Bhoutik Adventure - Syed Mustafa Siraj. Sidney, Mulcahy, Klinger Radar writes the weekly activity report. Again, the episodes can be slow moving, with long scenes that develop character rather than advance the plot, but the payoffs are more organic and much more satisfying because of this.

Neither Margaret or Klinger appear in this episode. Professor Sanku O Chiching. Metro Te Buri - Buddhadev Basu. Everyone thinks he did it.

Hot Clicks, viral videos, pop culture and more. Bhusindir Mathey By Rajsekhar Basu. Hawkeye decides to expose the film and reshoot it his way, starring himself as Yankee Doodle Doctor. Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a gun.

He leaves to get her a ring, when the South Korean army conscripts him. Akritonghno - Achinto Kumar Sengupta. And wouldn't you know, the comedian is Klinger's hero!

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Professor Sanku O Gorilla. Smith was always my favorite on that show.

Radar does not appear in this episode. We win some, we lose some. Colonel Potter tries in vain to halt the mayhem before Colonel Tucker arrives in camp. Chhalanar Chhanda - Byomkesh - Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.

Hawkeye is attracted to a new nurse but thinks she is married. It's a pity you can't number compassion among them. Please enter your email address associated with the account so we can help reset your password. She changes her mind when she realises how loyal her friends are. Shubhashya Shighram - Jagadish Basu.

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Klinger, Igor Trapper gets an ulcer and a ticket home. Shin, a local jewelry dealer, to make it. Courts Robber wearing Marigolds pretended bottle of Evian water was acid and threatened to throw it at couple John Lamberth later confessed that it was Evian water. Igor Potter's attempts to assemble the crew for a family portrait are thwarted by a feud between bunkmates Pierce, Hunnicutt, and Winchester. The Monkeys Paw - Teen Bor.

He takes the wheel of the jeep to drive to Kimpo himself, but crashes and ends up in plaster. Harry Morgan made this one guest appearance in the series before returning to take on the role of Colonel Potter from the next season until the end of the series. Try emailing or tweeting them. Kellye, Bigelow While fixing a stove that explodes, Hawkeye's face is badly burned. Father Mulcahy leaves to start a new life ministering to the deaf.