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The most important thing to keep in mind is that you're there to have fun. Best Special Visual Effects. Disaster in a New York tunnel as explosions collapse both ends of it. Having nothing better to do, I obliged the television and payed attention.

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The Vice President negotiates from Washington D. Was this review helpful to you? Prints of Twister came with a note from De Bont, suggesting that exhibitors play the film at a higher volume than normal for full effect. The actors took eye drops and wore special glasses for a few days to recuperate. Army doctors struggle to find a cure for a deadly virus spreading throughout a California town that was brought to America by an African monkey.

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Which variation appeals to you depends on why you're playing and who you're playing with. But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans.

The family seeks refuge in their storm cellar, but the tornado rips the cellar door off, sucking Jo's father to his death while her mother holds Jo back. The next morning, they find their farmhouse was completely destroyed. They remained one more week until Jack N. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Where I live an inch of rain is headline news.

An unusually intense storm pattern catches some commercial fishermen unaware and puts them in mortal danger. Go for a ride you'll never forget! The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.

The rest of the team, however, is ecstatic about the encounter and convince Jo to let them go visit Jo's Aunt Meg in the nearby town of Wakita for food and rest. However, Bill encounters Dr. The basic rules of Twister are simple.

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It's usually a game for two, but group play is certainly possible. Some sources claim she received a concussion in the incident. After filming in a particularly unsanitary ditch, Hunt and Paxton needed hepatitis shots.

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The tornado continues on to Wakita, devastating the town and injuring Aunt Meg while flattening her house. Naked Twister is a game for consenting adults. The film's music was released on compact disc.

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Standard Twister rules apply unless expressly contradicted by the variation. Worldwide it sits at number on the all-time earners list, not adjusted for inflation. Melissa Reeves Cary Elwes as Dr. Any player that touches the mat with an elbow or knee or falls to the mat is disqualified. The team arrives in Wakita, where Aunt Meg has prepared a big meal for the storm chasers.

Traumatized by the near-death experiences and recognizing the re-blossoming love between Bill and Jo, Melissa quietly ends her relationship with Bill and makes her own way home. Which people will survive? Audible Download Audio Books. On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner Poseidon capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave.

Jonas Miller, a corporate-funded meteorologist and long-time rival storm chaser. Steven Spielberg then presented the concept to writer Michael Crichton. Action Adventure Thriller. Aunt Meg's injuries are not serious, but she is taken to the hospital and inspires Jo to never give up.

Thornton Rusty Schwimmer as Mrs. To stop it, an earthworm scientist, his reporter ex-girlfriend, and other unlikely heroes team up to save their city.

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Naked Twister

Soon after, a second tornado is spotted in another part of Oklahoma, and they continue on in Bill's Dodge with Melissa, who is forced to tag along in the backseat. The tornado quickly approaches and they are unable to drive out of the ditch. That night, the team stays in a hotel next to a drive-in cinema. The real town of Wakita, Oklahoma was used during filming, and a section of the older part of town was demolished for the film.

It's important for everyone in the game to be playing for the same reasons. During the same sequence, Hunt repeatedly hit her head on a low wooden bridge, so exhausted from the demanding shoot that she forgot not to stand up so quickly. President and his family on board.

De Bont took over as his own director of photography for the remaining shots. Two weeks into production, Jeff Nathanson was flown to the set and worked on the script until principal photography ended. If you bring a playful attitude to Naked Twister, you'll quickly find yourself shedding your cares and inhibitions along with your clothes. However, Naked Twister works especially well, guder photo and has many variations.