Manorama Six Feet Under Movie

He is very convincing in every frame and the director kept his persona and the characters around him very real. People who are used to the escapist Bollywood fare may find the movie too slow or confusing. Navdeep Singh, along with Devika Bhagat, has written a marvelous screenplay. To match this, Director Navdeep Singh sets this film in a small town in Rajasthan.

Manorama Six Feet Under

Satyaveer realizes that there are further mysteries behind the whole episode. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Coming to the performances, Abhay Deol scores again in yet another different role, not just different from what he's done but also from what other actors of today are doing. Wonderfully directed- I really wonder why Navdeep Singh still does not have a page in Wikipedia! He presents the shocking evidence he has found.

Raima Sen shows tremendous versatility. This movie was released in India about a month back. Almost every Indian movie is a copy, some copy their own movies like Karan Johar. The next day's papers report that Manorama committed suicide in connection with her protests against a canal being built through Lakhot. Kulbhushan Kharbanda never fails to perform.

One of the best movies made in the Mumbai film industry in the thriller genre of recent years. This thrill is maintained till the very last frame of the movie. He decides to investigate further. The camera-work was simple and effective.

Abhay Deol has shown great acting potential with his underplay and sincerity. Abhay Deol has justified the role of a rural detective with great underplay. The director seems to be purposeful in the pace of this movie, being set in a sleepy town.

Manorama Six Feet Under is akin to reading a novel. Manorama Six Feet Under is an intriguing, complex and offbeat thriller set in a sleepy small town of Rajasthan. For connoisseurs of good cinema, Manoarama Six Feet Under has the elements of a potential cult movie.

Abhay Deol looks adorable and has done a brilliant job keeping it simple, down to earth and yet intense. Late one evening, as Satyaveer returns home after drinks with Brij, he spots the same woman running for her life from people who are out to kill her.

Satyaveer manges to take some photos of the minister and hand them over to Manorama. The doctor, marathi font for office 2003 Anil Potdar and Manorama were siblings.

More than acting, Abhay believes in spontaneous performance. This is not just true for Plot but for characters also. The movie has a near perfect script, backed by stellar performances from the cast especially veteran actor Kulbhushan Kharbanda. The director Navdeep Singh's love for murder mysteries was the reason to debut with this film. The story is more or less the same as China Town.

Manorama six feet under movie

He remarks that the only thing that is certain in an unknown world is a known God. The plot get thicker as the time goes.

But skillfully directed by debutant Navdeep Singh, the film works as a show reel for the talents of everyone involved. But the best performance above all was Vinay Pathak as Brij Mohan, Satyaveer's brother in law and cop. However, when Satyaveer visits the doctor, he finds that the doctor and Sameera have both been brutally murdered. He uses the clues to land up in the room of a small hotel in town, where he discovers a shocking set of photos in a packet cached behind the light switchboard. Manorama follows this formula religiously and makes magic out of it!

There are some plot holes, bad acting and bad dialogs by Sarika but overall you will enjoy the movie. Not surprisingly, Rathore is not the least bit interested in photos of him having an argument with his biological daughter. Satyaveer begins piecing the parts together. Satyaveer then comes back and reveals another fact. He follows the woman and makes contact with her.

Manorama six feet under movie

There he and Sheetal discuss what to do next and they almost kiss but his wife calls him and he takes her call immediately remembering his marriage. The real winner is Raima Sen who looks completely gorgeous and performs the role of a dangerous beauty with ease. The beauty about the plot is that it shows a lot about a small town of Rajasthan without spending too much time in creating the backdrop. Secondly, the very film noir element of Chinatown is kept intact in Manorama. The music is okay and a few songs inserted in the narrative which could have been avoided.

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And this film is not a Direct lift of Roman Polanski's famous hit Chinatown, Manorma hold on its own. By the end of the movie you would be absolutely ready to answer any question asked about the character. Rathore, making tall promises of diverting water from Haryana and Punjab via a canal that is being constructed on a controversial site. Last but definitely remarkable is the cinematography.

Thirdly, every scene of Chinatown is shot with Jack Nicholson in it, i. Those who love to watch good cinema, and hate overacting of Shahrukh Khan they must watch this movie. The actor is certainly here to stay and hope he continues the good work.

Satyaveer turns over the photos he had taken. The storyline is greatly influenced by Polanski's Chinatown. The doctor and Manorama merely wanted to keep him alive long enough for him to accept Sameera as his daughter and heir. Its a disappointment that this movie could not get commercial success but I guess that the fate of all great movies made in India. The rest of the cast has done an exceptional job and full points to all the people involved in the making of this film.

This might be the best noir thriller of Indian movies. However one felt that the story outpaced itself in the last quarter leaving some huge gaps in the field. She commits suicide in the morning. Ranjit, who makes fun of idiots, gets completely annoyed when he invites a tax inspector and a singer to his house.

Manorama six feet under movie

Arriving home, he finds that the woman masquerading as Sheetal is neither surprised nor scared. Vinay Pathak with his heavy accent one feels does not quite suit as Nimi's sibling. Endlessly inventive, this is not one of those films that are just that. The muted trumpet is used aptly creating a mystery atmosphere.

Nimmi Gul Panag broods over how she wishes she had married a richer fellow. The film starts out very slow but if you are patient you are in for quite a well-acted thriller. Gul Panag is a good actress but I would not put her in the same category as Kajol and Rani.