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Srinu, Paddu, Nagaraj, and Abhi go to the hospital, where Srinu informs Amma that he got a job and Satya wrote her exams well, and also introduces Paddu. Srinu proposes that they compete in every way possible with Gold-phase and the friends decide that Paddu will participate in the Miss India prelims. But when Abhi asks if her affection towards Abhi was just a Gold-phase plan to hurt Abhi, she slaps him, indicating that she truly loved him. Rakesh and Srinu shake each other's hands. Srinu feels nostalgic over the memories he earned through his time in B-phase.

The police convince Rakesh to drop the charges in order to keep everyone out of trouble. At the reception, Ajay, who came with Suresh and Paru, sees Lakshmi and is immediately attracted to her.

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Life Is Beautiful ( film)

That night the trio sneaks over to Gold-phase and Abhi manages to talk to Paru. While returning home, Srinu inquires Lakshmi about Satya, who apparently said was going to Lakshmi's birthday party. Srinu soon faces the Gold-phase rogues and gets into a brawl with them.

After Abhi escorts Satya away, Srinu confides in his uncle about everything that has happened and decides to visit Amma to tell her about everything that's been going on. With this, Paru leaves feeling happy for Abhi and B-phase.

When Lakshmi denies any knowledge Srinu asks Paddu to check on Satya. Abhi's love towards his mother grows and he lets her pinch his cheeks which he actually hates.

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Life Is Beautiful is a Telugu coming-of-age drama film written, produced and directed by Sekhar Kammula. For other uses, microsoft power point see Life Is Beautiful disambiguation. She explains that she is not confident enough to spend a lifetime with him and is not ready to marry him. Lyrics for the songs were penned by Anantha Sreeram and Vanamali. The rest of the B-phase friends also go to the contest as Paddu's guests.

Life Is Beautiful ( film)

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The next morning, Rakesh, his father, and the Gold-phase gang come with the police to Ashok's house to have Ashok arrested. Before leaving for the hospital, Srinu goes to Paddu's house and asks her parents for her hand in marriage.

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Later, Nagaraj proposes to Lakshmi but she refuses saying that he is unambitious and irresponsible while she aspires to become an engineer. The police arrive and break up the fight.

Angry at Ashok's and Sony's marriage, Rakesh vows to retaliate. They confront the B-phase gang about it and warn them to get Ashok to back-off. But when she asks if he has been missing her, Abhi gives a speechless look. Shashikiran, Sravana Bhargavi.

After Maya madam beats the caller, he reveals that he is from Gold-phase. Over time, Srinu and Paddu get close while Nagaraj tries to get close to Lakshmi. The next morning, Srinu, along with Nagaraj, Abhi, and the rest of the B-phase gang, confront Manish and beat him up.

Life Is Beautiful (soundtrack)

Amma promises to Chinni that she will return in exactly one year. Furious, Nagaraj starts to beat up Ajay when everyone in the Gold-phase gang and the B-phase gang get involved.

When Gold-phase starts taking over the lake, B-phase manages to get a stay order through Srinu's uncle. As Srinu returns to his uncle's house, he finds Satya talking on the phone with Manish. Srinu's uncle lives in B-phase along with Srinu's Aunt, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, grandfather and grandmother.


Life Is Beautiful (soundtrack)

Rakesh reveals to Paru's parents about her closeness with Abhi. Disgusted, Paru leaves them and returns along with the B-phase friends. While returning, Suresh and Rakesh confront Paru about her feelings for Abhi and state that rich should only use the poor and not acquaint with them. From Gold-phase, only Paru shows up to the marriage reception and becomes acquainted with Abhi, which annoys Suresh.

However, upon returning, Paru's father asks her not to see Abhi anymore and she reluctantly obeys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paddu's mother, who is keeping a close watch over her after finding about her closeness with Srinu, initially refuses to let her participate but agrees when Paddu agrees to see prospective grooms. Paddu's parents, however, are wealthy and her mother Surekha Vani is arrogant. However, Ashok brings Sony to his house, intending to marry her.

This again turns in B-phase's favor when Paru visits Abhi to apologize. Gold-phase is filled with arrogant rich people who have no compassion towards the lower class B-phase. Paru invites Abhi to the beauty contest and during the journey, Paru and Abhi share each other's feelings. Ajay also starts moving closer with Lakshmi, which troubles Nagaraj. Srinu finds about this and, distraught, distances himself from Paddu, which troubles Paddu.