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After breakfast, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar discussed Raageshwari's eviction and how the increase in fights since her exit must be affecting her. Pooja Misrra sits along with Pooja Bedi and vents out her anger about yesterday's fight with Sidharth. The two hug and apologize to each other and forget all their differences. In the evening, Sid is seen apologising to Amar and Sky about all the wrongs he has done so far in the show. Vida claims that it had fallen down a couple of days back which Pooja Misrra had picked up conveniently and kept it with her.

In the afternoon, Amar is seen bitching to Sky about Sidharth. Soon, the men are made to dress up for their Bigg wrestle and once the men see the giant sumo they would wrestle, all of them end up giving scared reactions. Sidharth and Amar are seen discussing how both of them have been playing games lately and have been doing all of it for their own good.

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Latest PagalWorld A to Z Mp3 Songs Download

Gujarati comadi video ll desi ni moj. Malayalam folk dance songs nadodi nrithagaanangal. In the evening, as the contestants relax after dinner, ramu old telugu songs they ask Yama to sing a Japanese song. Kester megahit christian devotional songs malayalam kester malayalam christian songs.

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Amar and Vida were jailed by Shraddha for not following the rules of the weekly task and upsetting her. There the contestants are told to appoint one contestant as the choreographer. She picks on everything that Sidharth has done to irritate her during his stay in the house, and asks him to stay away from her. Lakshmi observing this called Siddharth and teased him.

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Later Sky realises that what he thought was a two-minute job is actually a major job. Housemates had to express who in their opinion is a more deserving candidate to win the show. As the day ends, we see Siddharth chatting with Pooja Misrra and Sunny and telling them how he does not like anything going wrong around him. The entire house is in the task mode and are seen enjoying the task and are seen enjoying the team work.

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The day ends and all the housemates go to sleep but restless and tense. The housemates have a ball in watching Sunny perform at her best.

Pooja Misrra was ejected from the house by the Bigg Boss after physically assaulting Siddharth. So he walks back into his room, enters the restroom and forcefully gets her out and tells her that her behavior is just not accepted. Also, he accuses Amar of being a sissy and staying out of the entire scene.

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Lakshmi Tripathi, Shonali and Juhi Parmar are surprised to see Mahek involving herself in every argument in the house. Meanwhile, in the green room a different game was being played where Siddharth was being assaulted by Sky, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar. Sanjay Dutt sends special Eid greetings and sweets to the contestants and all the contestants are dressed up for this very special day. Sunny sees him and jumps up with joy!

Sidharth asks Shonali to go and talk to Sky about all of this. Captain Sky's special nomination turns out to be a surprise nomination for the entire house. He tried to make Shonali laugh by passing some silly jokes. Sidharth walks out of the conversation getting irritated since Sky begins to get personal. Mahek Nominated by Shonali Pooja B.

The housemates have a blast during the task. To end the matter, Siddharth and Amar pep themselves up for a fight, but they are clear that it will happen only after the weekly task is complete. He says that he is playing games and is quite open about the fact. Shraddha Sharma was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. The trio came up with Shraddha and Sunny.

Whatsapp navratri special status. Sky replies back in affirmative saying there was no need of him to do so.

Captain Shakti Kapoor was dressed as Formula One driver and the female contestants were dressed in special pit girl costumes. As the day ends, Sunny is seen sitting in the garden with Juhi and Sky trying to tell them about her real identity, but they both refuse to listen and ask her to keep shut.

Shonali also confronts Sidharth and asks him, why he did not stop Sky from nominating for her name. Vida had told him to stay away from her the previous night when Mahek was very emotional about her outburst with Sky. As the day ends, Juhi and Sunny are seen picking on the men again and enact the fight Sky and Amar have in the morning.

After the singing, they teach him how to dance and he grooves with them too. Shakti and Shonali were also told of their irregular roles in the task and hence pts from both were not alloted.