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Harry learns about Voldemort's family and his foe's evolution into a murderer, obsessed not only with power, but with gaining eternal life. Building the Magical World.

Tim Alexander said that completing the Inferi -attack scene took several months. Some reviewers noted that Half-Blood Prince contained a darker tone than the previous Potter novels. Though Dumbledore is severely weakened after finishing the potion, together the two manage to fight off Voldemort's Inferi that have been hiding in the lake. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gloucestershire on Screen.

Harry uses a curse from the Half-Blood Prince's potion book to severely injure Malfoy, who is rescued and healed by Snape. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Waitress as Elarica Gallacher. Dumbledore picks Harry up from his aunt and uncle's house, intending to escort him to the Burrow, home of Harry's best friend Ron, and his large family. Harry uses this information to achieve superb results.

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We'd had our first totally virtual set on the last film, so we approached this one with a bit more confidence. Since the whole fire scene was very time consuming, computer graphics artist Chris Horvath spent eight months finding a faster way to conjure flames.

Novels portal Harry Potter portal. Snape suddenly enters and quickly heals Draco's wounds. Hermione starts crying and soon McGonagall and soon Luna, Ron, Madam Pomfrey and everyone else except Harry and Ginny raise their wands into the sky and make the Dark Mark in the sky disappear.

This film not only has some bangs and booms but also explores the theme of teenage love as the three protagonists find themselves tangled in teenage romances. His suspicions are dismissed, but Arthur Weasley later tells Harry privately that the Malfoys may have been interested in a Vanishing Cabinet. Harry aids Dumbledore, who drinks the potion, causing him hallucinations and immense pain.

One of the major challenges for Delbonnel was lighting the film. Dumbledore instructs Harry to hide as Draco arrives, revealing that he has been chosen by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore. Crazy Credits The end credits take their shape from what look like ink spills, resembling the appearance of the collected memories when they are poured into Dumbledore's Pensieve. Harry and Dumbledore apparating to the Astronomy Tower. Harry develops deep feelings for Ginny, but is reluctant to pursue her for most of the year because of his friendship with Ron.

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Was this review helpful to you? It was just something they see in the work that they really liked, and responded to. Rowling The Lord of the Rings by J. Bellatrix feels Snape will be of no help until he surprises her by making an Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa, swearing on his life that he will protect and assist Draco in his mission. Harry and Dumbledore then proceed to the Burrow, where Hermione has already arrived.

Tim Burke and Tim Alexander were the visual effects supervisors for the film. Narcissa expresses her extreme concern that her son might not survive a dangerous mission, given to him by Lord Voldemort. It is indeed a satisfying experience that will please just about everyone. Snape arrives, and casts the killing curse on Dumbledore when Draco is unable to bring himself to do it, killing the Headmaster.

Draco disarms Dumbledore of his wand and then threatens to kill him, which turns out to have been his mission from Voldemort all along. Bellatrix and Greyback attack and burn down the Burrow, drawing Harry into a battle.

Advance ticket sales on Fandango. Guardian News and Media Limited. User Polls Don't Mind the Gap! The locket is at the bottom of a basin on the island, and can only be reached by drinking the potion above it. Double Negative also contributed the Pensieve sequences, developing complex directed fluid simulations to realise the swirling world of memory and the past.

However, Malfoy is suspicious that someone else is in the carriage and discovers Harry Potter was listening to his conversation. Meanwhile, Harry is taking private lessons with Dumbledore in order to find out about Voldemort's past so they can find out what might his only weakness. It is the sixth film in the Harry Potter film series. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While at the middle of the series in length, ultimate memory the film Half-Blood Prince did add or change events in the literary canon.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Harry is found and saved by Luna Lovegood. Ron and Lavender break up when Lavender sees the two of them walking out of the boys dormitories together. This is proven vital in the defeat of Voldemort.

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The album debuted at number twenty-nine on the Billboard chart, thus making it the highest-charting soundtrack among all the six movie soundtracks released. It is also in MovieTickets. Professor Horace Slughorn. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one.

The considerable character development of Harry and many other teenage characters also drew attention. Following a wild Gryffindor Quidditch victory, Harry and Ginny finally strike up a relationship, with Ron's reluctant consent. The two travel to a seaside cave where Harry aids Dumbledore in drinking a potion that hides another Horcrux, Slytherin's locket. He sets Harry the task of convincing Slughorn to give him the true memory so that Dumbledore can confirm his suspicions about Voldemort's rise to power and near-invincibility.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Dumbledore freezes Harry under his Invisibility Cloak with a body-bind spell, to keep him hidden. The film contains dazzling visuals and terrific cinematography. He saves Ginny before the Order arrive and fight off the Death Eaters. Archived from the original. Motion Picture Sound Editors.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Harry confronts Draco and severely injures him with a Sectumsempra curse taken from the textbook of the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack. As romance blossoms, one student remains aloof. Broadcast Film Critics Association. Paul Dergarabedian of Hollywood. The Complete Filmmaking Journey.

Snape successfully fights Harry off, and he reveals that he is in fact the Half-Blood Prince before he, Draco, and the rest of the Death Eaters escape. Director David Yates was cautious of not making this into a zombie movie, so we were constantly trying to figure out how not to make these dead people coming up look like zombies.

Audible Download Audio Books. After being sent an invitation to the funeral for Aragog the Spider, Harry uses an hour's dose of Felix Felicis and succeeds in retrieving Slughorn's unedited memory while at the funeral. Draco arrives in the Astronomy Tower and disarms Dumbledore revealing that he has been chosen by Voldemort to kill the headmaster. Reception to the novel was generally positive and it won several awards and honours, including the British Book of the Year award.