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Luckily, these paid applications aren't your only options when it comes to compression tools. Rar Zip Extractor Pro - utility that allows you to work with archives fast and easy! There are some fantastic free alternatives out there. One of PeaZip's best features is its random password generator. The freearc program is very goog.

File Compression for Windows

By compressing a file, data takes up less space, and files can be sent and received a lot more quickly. Although it can use the standard. Universal Extractor is extremely useful for opening archives, but it does have a limitation if you want to create an archive.

You can specify your own file size for each piece, or choose one of the pre-set sizes. Let's say you have a huge number of files on your computer, but don't plan on doing anything with them for a while maybe you're a virtual hoarder, who knows. You still have all of your files, ready to use when you need them, but you don't have to spend any money on more storage space. Lossless compression takes your files and reduces their size without losing any information. To get the file size down without losing important data, playmobil games you zip it with compression software.

You won't find an easier, more capable compressed archive utility, though performance could be better on some file types. PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager. Cons Development appears to be stalled No support App does not create archives. Cons Format not yet widely adopted.

In terms of compression, PeaZip's performance was mixed. Universal Extractor decompresses everything, compresses nothing.

About Contact Us Advertise Sitemap. Pay attention and uncheck the boxes for anything you don't want. Discover our full range today. This is done by removing redundancy. The following is a crash course on the process of compressing and decompressing files.

Top 5 Best Free File Compression Software for Windows

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It has advanced functionalities that include the capacity to produce solid and self-extracting archives as well as to modify password protection and compression level. There are a total of freeware programs listed in this eBook, each with a brief description, download link, and review link.

But Universal Extractor isn't getting by on its looks. Some are even open source. If you're not one of those people, then here's why it's so necessary.

Zip Software

Utility Software Compression. It's freeware and free of charge for any use.

This is more common with media files like video, audio, and images because they don't really suffer too much from the data loss. So, let's get started with some of the basics. Sure, you could send a series of multiple emails with small attachments on each, but that's both time consuming and hard to keep track of and you'll probably annoy the recipient. In fact, music and videos you currently have on your computer have probably been compressed and you don't even notice the missing bits.

Zip Software

Now let's see how the free alternatives fare. Download a Free Day Trial Now! When you need ZipItFree again, just click the button and the interface drops down, just like window blinds.

For a free software, the performance is close to perfection. At this point, you should have a pretty solid understanding of file compression - how it works and why it's beneficial. Cons Unresponsive tech support.

Hard drives are expensive - I don't have to tell you that. That said, Universal Extractor's developer gives no precise information about what versions of Windows the software runs on. PeaZip has a lot going for it right out of the gate. Since these file are smaller, they can be stored without taking up much space, or transferred at higher speeds over the Internet. Albeit it has a minimalistic interface, it is easy to understand and operate.

Storing your collection of old Kung Fu movies on a hard drive? But, like PeaZip, Hamster offers the ability to split compressed files and let your recipient reassemble them.

File Compression for Windows

However, watch out for the extra software that ZipItFree tries to make you install. By using a program such as WinZip, you can then decompress the file or files back into their original state without any degradation. From the start, Hamster feels fresh and new, a pleasure to look at and use.

Universal Extractor Universal Extractor is extremely useful for opening archives, but it does have a limitation if you want to create an archive. Don't waste any more purchasing commercial software for your Windows systems when there are several very good free alternatives available. It has a clear guide on how to add files by dragging, dropping or browsing.

It will essentially create a Zip file with the name of the containing folder, but you won't be able to customize the settings. The same information is there, but it's simplified to takes up less space Note that the numbers correspond to the number of times that the previous letter repeats. If you're someone who frequently edits media files, you know how crucial file compression is when transferring photos, music, and videos.

Even worse - trying to email several documents at once. Data redundancy is a condition created within a database or data storage environment in which the same piece of data is held in multiple places. Hit the button again and get another one. Hamster Free Zip Archiver. That's great and all, but you probably want to know how to zip and unzip files yourself, right?

Need to Download Winzip

True, its interface is a bit plain, but I can forgive that when considering the pros of using PeaZip. The recipient just needs to use a program like WinZip to extract the files and they'll have everything you sent them in one, organized folder. The company claims to best competitors on older machines, too. It's something we all need to do. This may sound crazy, but it's how it works.

It also offers encryption, antivirus scanner support, download time calculator, disk spanning and a lot more. It might sound impossible, but once you know what's going on behind the scenes, it makes a lot of sense.