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Ayato takes action abducting Yui to which Ruki offers no resistance much to the confusion of his brothers. Each of these three sections is split into a prologue, ten subsections, and an epilogue. As a result, Yui is sent to a new town and arrives alone at the mansion she was told will be her new home.

After Yui grabs Shu's hand, an old memory comes into his head. Yui rejects and he puts his knife in her hand and made her cut him instead. Yui spends a sleepless night in her chamber, made less restful by the arrival of an unwanted guest.

Yui wakes up to find herself in the Mukami's mansion and the Mukami brothers introduce themselves. He asks Yui if she really chose to be with the Mukami's, however their conversation is cut short when Kou interferes.

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal

They leave Azusa in the mansion to monitor Yui for the day. Azusa invites Yui to his room to show off his knife collection, manual of diving underwater on a single breath but things get challenging for Yui when Azusa requests for her to let him cut her with one of his knives. Recap of the previous episodes from Yui's point of view.

Diabolik Lovers Otome Game Download Pc English

She runs from them until she is cornered by Ruki Mukami who tells her that they have come for her. Yui experiences more chest pains and leaves the mansion in the middle of the night to seek answers and finds Shu in an abandoned church. Reeling from this experience, Yui wanders through the estate, and becomes worried when she hears groans coming from Reiji's room.

As he and Richter duel in attempt to win Yui, Ayato is stabbed. He then rejects her, and Laito, Kanato, Subaru, and Shu all appear due to the commotion.

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Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode lists with row deviations Articles with Japanese-language external links. Yui asks the triplets about the woman in the purple dress who she spotted in the garden, and learns the gruesome truth about what befell their mother.

As this happens, his brothers grow concerned for him and Yui as she becomes weaker. He beckons her to follow him so he may show off a graveyard containing the grave of his mother. When Shu sees that he held Yui's hand tight, he drags her to the tub and says he wants to suck her blood possibly make her hate him so she's not too attached to him. The Mukami Family are gather around an unconscious Ruki's bed, Azusa blaming himself for the injuries and the Apple of Adam Plan is explained. At night Yui and Ruki are talking about the plan alone and his belief it is impossible.

Meanwhile, Ruki sucks Yui's blood after chasing her down when she tries to escape. The four Mukami brothers infiltrate the Sakamaki mansion in search of Yui much to the annoyance of the six Sakamaki brothers. Yui soon notices something different about all of them, she discovers that all six of them are brothers but by three different mothers, and they all turn out to be vampires. Yui is awakened by the sound of rain and looking from her window, she sees a mysterious woman in a purple dress.

The Sakamaki's fight off the invading wolves following which Ayato pursues Yui to the Mukami household where an unlikely alliance is discussed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Just then, Yui regains control of her body, and calls for Ayato. Richter then struggles to the attic where he has hidden Cordelia's dress, however Laito finds him.

Assuming he would like some time alone, Yui attempts to leave which only infuriates Kanato with misplaced anger. Kanato confirms her suspicions and gleefully sets to adding her to their collection, until he is interrupted by a summons. The anime was directed by Risako Yoshida and written by Hiroko Kusanagi with a returning voice cast. Later on, Yui is trapped in the church with him, struggling for help.

Kanato pulls Teddy apart to reveal a vial containing Cordelia's ashes and this makes the potion complete. At the mansion no-one greets her however the door swings open on its own accord. Yui is shocked to think he was different, but he tells her he's a vampire. While Cordelia and Richter catch up, Reiji appears, and Cordelia begins to tease him in a seductive way.

Shu wins the match and is about to leave, Laito pushes Yui towards him. At the end of the episode Yui goes back to the abandoned room to see her dad's diary but finds it blank and is confused.

Diabolik lovers game english

But after she discovers the truth of their past, she reappears in the tunnel and is found by a concerned Ayato, who instructs her not to return down there, especially during the rain. Reiji makes a potion to kill Cordelia while she's in Yui's body, but in order to make the potion complete, he must have a piece of Cordelia.

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal

The Sakamaki's on the otherhand, ponder over her sudden disappearance, however they hope that she will eventually return. At that moment, Cordelia takes over Yui's body once more. At first, he is unhelpful but quickly becomes interested in obliging her request for answers by forcibly tasting her blood to verify that it has indeed changed somehow. Later, Ayato throws Yui in the swimming pool and orders her to say that he is great but Yui can't swim and asks for help. Kou gives Yui a bouquet of roses as a token of acquaintance.

The episode ends with Yui yelling for help as she was cornered by the six brothers. Much to her folly, she enters the room to see if he needs help.