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Sherry Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It's realistic, relatable and down-to-earth, which makes it the perfect wedding dance tune. The Whitney Houston version may get all the glory, but Parton's rendition of this breathtaking melody was also a chart-topper.

Do you remember your first dance, your first kiss, your senior prom and falling in love for the first time? Twenty-Five Miles Edwin Starr. Freddie Mercury wrote the song while languishing in his bath at the Munich Hilton. It also features her husband, Jay-Z, who adds a touch of rap to the mix. His label was reluctant to release the song in the U.

Rice gave this gift of yearning and haunting vocals to the world via his album O. Where or When Dion and the Belmonts.

We ve ranked the biggest Love songs to ever hit the Hot 100

Women everywhere wanted Iglesias to be their hero when this song came out on the Escape album. The muse for this orchestra-backed love song is Linda, Paul McCartney's first wife. He leapt from the tub and ran to his guitar and piano to lay down the melody. With a tickle of the ivories and honest lyrics, Ben tells the tale of finding your soulmate, and fate leading you to love. Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure, wrote this song after a trip to the sea with this soon-to-be wife.

At The Hop Danny and the Juniors. It was written for Chris Martin's late wife, who had just lost her father. One of the standout tracks from the album Lungs. The trio completed the song by writing the bridge at Spector's home.

The label agreed to a second session with a new arrangement, added strings and a vocal choir and the result was a No. Sealed with a Kiss Brian Hyland. This gem from the Pure Country soundtrack is proof that Strait knows his way around the heart.

Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. These are the songs that bring those memories back to life once again!

The Classic Love Songs

Next Door to an Angel Neil Sedaka. It's sultry, surreal and dripping with visual imagery. Another song to take its cue from Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers.

So Much in Love The Tymes. Cocker and Warnes belted out this love song for the film An Officer and a Gentleman. It explores life's changes, breaking old habits, starting anew and giving love a chance to lead the way.

You can't go wrong with one of these romantic, foolproof first-dance songs. Mack the Knife Bobby Darin. Five years after he co-wrote Peggy March's No. It has hints of retro musical influences and is inspired by her husband, whom she married the year before.

We ve ranked the biggest Love songs to ever hit the Hot 100

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She delves into the idea of finding refuge with the one you love and wanting nothing more than to lie with them for all of eternity. Soldier Boy The Shirelles. Johnny Angel Shelly Fabares.

Best Love Songs Top 100 Love Songs of All Time

It has an indie jazz vibe, a catchy beat and a heaping helping of soul. It will forever be remembered as the boom box ballad. Most people remember it from the tearjerker movie of the same name.

This rock classic off their famous Abbey Road album was penned by George Harrison for his wife, Pattie. This hit is from the album So, and was featured in the cult classic film Say Anything three years later. Very few people, if any, wps pqr software can listen to this Led Zeppelin classic without breaking out the air guitar.

It has appeared on a variety of different shows, including Grey's Anatomy. Tear Drops Lee Andrews and the Hearts. Pattie Boyd was the inspiration for this standout track from the Slowhand album. She asked her friend Mark London to write a title song she could sing.