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Or you can use free app GeoRing to instantly turn any any song in your iTunes library into ringtone with just a few taps. Could any one help me how to launch AnyRing? Well, aside from doing a victory dance for triumphing over the iPhone's carrier limitations, you could start loading up on jailbreak apps.

Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Pauses playing iPod song on incoming call and resume it when call finishes. Do not buy this if you want to use it on any more than one device.

Good idea but poorly implemented. Few additional bugs fixes. This nifty app lets you vertically scroll your Springboard home screens so that you can add more apps to them. Unfortunately, in my two days with the app, I experienced crashes on all my phone calls and a few music-stopping bugs.

No free app makes ringing so much fun. Bug that prevented Contact ringtones from playing. So I found myself cutting my volume down low, only to have a loud song full of cuss words blasting in my office when a call came through. Thank god for jailbreak, then. You just choose it and set it.

No computer or syncing required. Another quirk I found was with the volume. Action Menu Plus is a superuseful suite that adds all sorts of new actions to your Action Menu and integrates them with every app on your device.

Selecting and trimming a ringtone on-device is a novel approach, but the execution kills the fun. You'll find the ringtone in the Sounds tab in the Settings app. You can also record your own ringtone.

Is there a known solution for this? To me this app is uncomparible and is just amazingly great. You can set the ringtone to start with a fading effect I did and even record your own personal ringtone through the built-in speaker interface.

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Plus, create a Ringtone Playlist of your favorite songs and shuffle your ringtones to hear a new song every time. It also boasts the ability to do all of the customizing on the device. This is the best app I have found for my phone.

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This week's sponsor Things Where ideas take shape. If the developers spend the time and effort to get AnyRing right they will be on to a winner, but my bet is that someone else will do it, and do it right, and steal their thunder. Not quite Most of what I talked about above is the good stuff. Just go into the activation window while on WiFi and wait for it to retrieve your activation code automatically. That volume is controlled by the volume level that is in your iPod app.

You can find GeoRing in the App Store. RockYourPhone store was not updated with this version, as it closes up in a few days. This app lets you save an unlimited amount of shortcuts and apply them to any app or text field.

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Review AnyRing jailbreak ringtone maker that works right on the iPhoneThis is the Original AnyRing

Try these six on for size. Get the iSource Chrome Extension. Check out these related slideshows.

Just launch AnyRing control application on both devices and wait till automatically detect each other. Mail will not be published required.

AnyRing's ringtones, however, don't show up in the Settings app. Does not require any audio conversion of any type! He founded MacStories in April and has been writing about Apple since. Other notable features here are song looping and volume, which is a great thing to have on the device. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

AnyRing takes a very different approach as it can break Apple's rules being sold through Cydia. Hi, I installed anyring yesterday, works great. If you're say on your springboard, and use your volume keys to adjust your ringer volume, that doesn't actually control the ringtone volume from anyring. It seems like the iPhone should just let you select any song on the device to act as a ringtone, but for whatever reason, it doesn't. AnyRing, able adult pc games jailbreak ringtone maker that works right on the iPhone.